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Kobelco’s smallest demolition machine in Europe

Despite its smaller size, the versatile SK350DLC-10E incorporates many of the same features as the larger models, which are designed to aid the safe and quick assembly/disassembly of attachments and maintenance, easy transportation between projects and significant cost savings.

Like the SK400DLC-10E, the SK350DLC-10E features the Kobelco-developed NEXT system. This is a common base machine with dedicated attachments for both high elevation demolition work and breaking up foundations. The attachments can be easily changed on site.

The SK350DLC-10E’s NEXT ultra-high attachment is best suited to the demolition of multi-storey buildings from ground level – its ultra-long attachment configuration enables it to work to a maximum height of 21m (with the 6.1m arm) with a maximum tool weight of 2.6 tonnes. The machine’s separate boom configuration is ideal for demolishing the lower floors of buildings where the concrete is at its thickest – the maximum working depth of the SK350DLC-10E is 6,320mm.

The SK350DLC-10E shares the same turbo-charged engine and hydraulic system as the SK350LC-10 for high performance and low fuel consumption. Three work modes are available to further aid fuel efficiency: H-mode for heavy working; S-mode for balancing work volume with fuel consumption; and Eco-mode for prioritising fuel efficiency over work volume. The AIS (Auto Idle Stop) function also enhances this efficiency by avoiding unnecessary fuel consumption while the machine is idling.

Operator comfort and safety is always high on the agenda for Kobelco design so it is no surprise that the manufacturer has invested significantly in the SK350DLC-10E’s demolition-specification cabin. The cabin is compliant with level II FOPS and fitted with high strength security glass and radial grid guards across the front and top windows and can tilt up to 30-degrees so that the operator can maintain a comfortable posture during high elevation demolition work.

The SK350DLC-10E also incorporates a number of other important safety features including a cab interference prevention system, which sounds an alarm and prevents the machine from allowing the working tool to come into contact with the cab during operation. In addition, the working radius and stability of the machine is calculated from the position of the attachment and the operator is alerted when stability is compromised via the stability warning system. The SK350DLC-10E is also equipped with rear view and right side cameras, a loudspeaker system, falling object deflector and bright LED lights for increased visibility on site.

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SK350DLC-10 - Bodo Freimuth GmbH

SK350DLC-10 - Bodo Freimuth GmbH

Product specifications: SK350DLC-10E

Operating weight
44,700 kg (3-piece ultra long attachment)
45,200 kg (separate attachment)

Engine rated power
213 kW/2,100 min-1 (ISO 14396)

SK350DLC-10 - Bodo Freimuth GmbH